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Horrible as it is to be stuck at home, now's the time to create the perfect boxing outfit for the new season and keep supporting our fighting community. Plus we are offering our biggest discount ever. So let's keep this show on the road! Our production and courier services continue as normal. Please send us any of your home training tips and pictures or videos to share with the gang in these difficult times.

Boxxerworld Leader Corner

Leader Corner

From £85.00

Leader style boxing or Muay Thai Cornerman jacket. To create your own personalised version of this corner jacket just click "customise" and you will be guided through the simple process. You can add names and graphics with opotion for 3D and crystal overlays. Our corner jackets feature three deep pockets to properly accommodate your coach's corner supplies. We deliver anywhere in the world and different options are available depending on how fast you need your item and what your budget is. If you need the item really fast then choose Express Production and Express Shipping. For the budget conscious there is a free shipping option which of course takes longer.