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Horrible as it is to be stuck at home, now's the time to create the perfect boxing outfit for the new season and keep supporting our fighting community. Plus we are offering our biggest discount ever. So let's keep this show on the road! Our production and courier services continue as normal. Please send us any of your home training tips and pictures or videos to share with the gang in these difficult times.

Boxxerworld Gloves Laced / Flat

Gloves Laced / Flat

From £109.00

Amazing quality full leather custom boxing glove in lace-up style with a flat wrist piece. Our custom boxing gloves are highest quality, come in sizes from kids up to 20 Oz and are perfect for training, sparring or fights. Boxxerworld personalised boxing gloves can be used for boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. You may create your design online in just minutes using our unique web-based tools. Add names, logos and flags then pay right away for fast worldwide delivery. For training gloves we recommend you use plain, rather than shiny leather as shiny leather is less durable and the colour will perish with extended use.