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Women's Boxing Gear

It’s 2019 and women are owning the boxing world with a swing.

Women’s boxing has been in the shadows for a very long time.

But, the times have changed now. More and more women are debuting for the women’s boxing sport and it is on the verge of becoming a top contender in the sports world.

“If I have to, I’ll take three punches, four punches to get my one”- Christy Martin

With this under-shadowed game being on the brink of rising, it’s high-time women started suiting up.

The increased interest in boxing requires to be matched with optimal quality of women boxing gear. Whether it is being chosen as a hobby to stay fit or a passion to live a dream. It is important for the women to find the right kind of cavalry for their fight.

Women Boxing Gloves

They need the perfect fit for their strong fists as it is equally important in a fight.

Women boxing gloves come in different sizes and designs. They differ from the men’s boxing gloves by a mile. In most of the boxing contests, fighter’s hand is the first thing to get injured.

With that being said,

It is very important for the fighter to opt for a well-fitted and high-quality boxing glove. It is an essential part of the women’s boxing gear as it determines how much a fighter is comfortable in the ring.

There is not a single-fit of gloves for women that suit all the sports type. Manufacturers are slowly understanding this need to come up with different, more suitable kind of gloves specific to the respective sport.

For instance,

If a woman is opting for aerobic gloves, they will have different characteristics such as they are not going to let the women strike proper because they are only used for cardiovascular exercises.


Bag gloves can be an alternative for boxing gloves because they lack the quality of being used for heavy purposes. On other hand, the MMA gloves are made such that they help grapple the opponent better.


When it comes to boxing gloves, they are lighter in weight as compared to other gloves. They let you land more accurate strikes and at the same time, they provide maximum protection to the wrist of the boxer.


Gloves Material

After emphasizing on the type of gloves that should be chosen for the women’s boxing sport, it’s time to put some light on the manufacturing material.

Mostly, the gloves are made up of leather material. For boxers that are more regular trainers and carry their boxing career to their heart, they should opt for leather boxing gloves. They are much better in comparison with the vinyl boxing gloves in terms of durability.

The boxing gloves should always fit perfectly with the wrist of the boxer. It is an important part of the selection of boxing gloves as it becomes the main difference between a heavy strike and a missed shot.

You have more options to choose from when it comes to leather gloves; one is the women boxing glove with lace and the other is Velcro.

Gloves that can be adjusted using lace have a secure fit but unfortunately, they require an external assistance for putting on. Keeping this factor in mind, it is wiser to opt for Velcro women boxing gloves because they are easy to put on and pull-off.

Women’s Boxing Shorts

Women’s boxing shorts are as important as any other boxing gear.

They give you the freedom of moving quickly in different positions in the fast-paced match of boxing. It gets you in the mood for sparring.

Women’s boxing shorts come in different length and fittings but the most common type of boxing shorts are semi-slim leg with the length just above the knee.

Come to think of it,

Women’s boxing shorts are somewhat similar to the one used in Mixed Martial Arts with the difference only in fitting. They are among the unavoidable components of women’s boxing gear just like; boxing gloves, mouth protector, shoes, shin pads and much more.

Women’s boxing is also a combat sport that cannot be practiced with bare hands and full-length trousers which spark the need for proper boxing gear for the warrior ladies out there.

The particularities for men’s boxing are different than that of women’s boxing and that is something that is understood as a universal fact by the manufacturing companies.

All in all, women’s boxing gear is as critical as any protective gear for any other sports. There are strict rules that are now followed by the boxing agencies regarding the complete set of boxing apparel for women.

These are the safety measures for women to protect themselves as well as the tools to win the fights.

Women’s boxing gear should be bought with an active and well-researched approach.