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Parn "Fahsikram" Chokchai (Thailand) VS Uyen Ha (Australia) at Primal FC MMA

Congratulations to our sponsored fighter Parn Chokchai Muay Thai in her debut MMA event at Primal FC Phuket Thailand. Primal FC promoted by Mike Swick, float Indigo and Unit27.

This was a first event for Primal FC Dark Moon Rising held at Paradise Beach. Described by Phuket News Cage on the beach Primal fights take over Phuket.

The event was streamed live on Mike Swick dot com watched by many MMA fans all over the globe. Full video of the fight night watch it here Youtube.

Mike Swick was a key role in promoting Primal FC as he fought in the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship) and now runs his own gym in Phuket Thailand AKA and also got a role in 2013 Fight Life who won the Best Documentary Award at the United Film Festival.




Being such a big show in Phuket Thailand we at Boxxerworld were quick to head over to our home gym in Phuket to support Chokchai Muay Thai and design Parn her custom Muay Thai shorts for her fight against Uyen Ha fighting out of AKA Thailand (American Kickboxing Academy). We chose high quality black satin teamed with blue high shine and some fabulous silver glitter in a Sun Design to go with Parn's nick-name BLUE SKY. Parn's face lit up like the sun on her shorts when she came in to pick them up. 

You can see high quality pictures of Parn's shorts in our Muay Thai Gallery. Unlike other factories in Thailand, we use the most cutting-edge equipment and newest technologies to create the world's highest quality Muay Thai product. Our sizing is also consistent with western sizing so you can be sure to get the right fit. 

If you would like to create your own version of Blue Sky's  shorts, go to our Sun Design template. You will be able to personalise the colours and add your own names and graphics in just minutes. Our online design technology is the world's most advanced and easiest to use. We also deliver anywhere in the world in as little as 8 days (inlcuding production and delivery). 


Uyen Ha put the pressure on Parn from the first round.

Parn handling the pressure well with her Muay Thai push kicks and side kicks.


Fahsikram at Boxxerworld studio.