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Boxxerworld Launches Custom Boxing Gloves

Boxxerworld is now able to do top quality leather custom boxing gloves with either laces or velcro fastening. We offer a wide range of colours from kids sizing right up to 20 Oz. As our boxing gloves are not yet available through our normal online customiser, we are offering special rates for pre-orders.  Just email us for a template to fill in on

Available options for our boxing gloves are:

1. lace up gloves with ridged wrist piece

2. lace up gloves with flat wrist piece

3. velcro fastening gloves

Email us with the style you prefer and we will send you a template to complete. You can add an embroidery name on either the lower part of the hand piece or if you choose the flat wrist or velcro options you can also add a name on the back of the wrist. 

All our boxing gloves are made from top quality leather with latex padding for great comfort and hand protection. Boxxerworld custom boxing gloves may be used for training, sparring or as fight gloves. 


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